Celiac disease – Our doctor’s opinion


Celiac disease – Our doctor’s opinion

As part of its quality approach, Passeportsanté.net invites you to discover the opinion of a health professional. Dr Dominic Larose, emergency physician, gives you his opinion on celiac disease:

The current problem with celiac disease is the confusion that exists between this disease and gluten sensitivity.

It is important to avoid following a strict gluten-free diet without having had an appropriate diagnostic workup.

Once the diagnosis is firmly confirmed or ruled out, you may or may not follow a gluten-free diet if you believe you have a gluten sensitivity, and check whether the symptoms are improving. I believe that eventually research will be able to shed better light in the event of sensitivity.


Dr Dominic Larose MD CMFC (MU) FACEP

Celiac disease – Our doctor’s opinion: understand everything in 2 min

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