Celulit: anticelulitni tretmani, kreme i masaže


Celulit: anticelulitni tretmani, kreme i masaže

One of the main concerns of women regarding their figure is to eliminate cellulite and orange peel, which affect 9 out of 10 women. It does not matter whether we have extra pounds or not. Fortunately, the treatments to remedy this, based on cream and massage, can be effective … with elbow grease.

The different anti-cellulite creams

Creams for 3 types of cellulite

Previously, anti-cellulite creams were based only on one type of cellulite, and the orange peel appearance in general. Without much efficiency, moreover. But, in recent years and the progress made in the laboratory, they have been differentiated and developed according to the type of cellulite. Cellulite is in all cases a cluster of subcutaneous fat cells. However, the effectiveness of these creams will depend on the stage of cellulite and the criteria that accompany it:

  • watery cellulite which denotes water retention. Painless, it also affects thin people.
  • fat cellulite which comes from a concentration of fat that particularly affects the buttocks and thighs.
  • fibrous cellulite is painful to the touch and very settled, therefore more difficult to dislodge.

Caffeine, the main active ingredient in anti-cellulite creams

If there is an anti-cellulite active ingredient that everyone agrees and for these three types of cellulite, it is caffeine. It is proven that, if the product is well massaged, caffeine has an effectiveness on the fat cells. The molecules that compose it have indeed the possibility of destocking fats.

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However, for this effectiveness to be real, it is still necessary that the dose of caffeine in the product is sufficient. 5% caffeine in a cream is a good indicator of its potential for effectiveness. Which is also played on the massage.

How to find an effective anti-cellulite cream?

If some beauty foods do not always provide the effects they claim, the same does not necessarily apply to anti-cellulite creams. If, there are still fifteen years, consumer associations proved the almost total ineffectiveness of the foods they tested at the time, it is no longer the same today. Very thorough studies make it possible to demonstrate, at least for some of them, the real performance on the appearance of the skin and on the smoothing of cellulite.

The important thing is therefore to move towards a cream with strong penetrating power and active ingredients whose effectiveness has been proven, such as caffeine.

It is also essential that the texture, whether cream or gel, facilitate massage. In other words, if it must be able to penetrate the skin without leaving any greasy effects, the treatment must nevertheless be quite manageable.

Anticelulitne masaže

Using an anti-cellulite cream and not massaging for long enough, or not in the right way, almost cancels the effectiveness of the product. Unfortunately, one does not go without the other. This requires effort over a long period of time to obtain good results.

To make your daily massage simple and effective, it is necessary to apply a rule: to restart blood circulation and decongest the fat cells, you must massage from the bottom up. In other words, from the calves, to the buttocks, then, possibly the belly.

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First apply the product in this way, without massaging at first, then return again to the calves. Practice fairly strong pressures before releasing. Then resume from the bottom again and exert a palpate-roll with your two thumbs.

To help you with this, you can find more affordable mechanical massage tools on the market, in addition to sophisticated electrical devices, which allow anti-cellulite creams to penetrate better.

How often should you use an anti-cellulite cream?

Attendance and discipline are the main drivers of the effectiveness of creams and massages. In what could be called the “attack phase”, it is better to perform your massage for about ten minutes – or more depending on the number of areas concerned – twice a day. And this for at least 2 months.

In the next phase, the one that will allow you to keep your shape and the effects of the treatment, do a massage every day for 2 weeks, every month. Then, over time, you can continue at the rate of two massages per week.


Other anti-cellulite treatments available

In addition to creams, most often presented in tubes, cosmetic brands have developed other forms of care. There are in particular dry oils, practical for performing massage, or serums. In terms of serum, it is most often a half-gel, half-cream texture that is applied in the same way and offers the same results.

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