Diverticulitis – Complementary approaches


Divertikulitis - komplementarni pristupi

To relieve symptoms of diverticulosis and prevent diverticulitis, glucomannane.

To relieve constipation, linseed.

 Glucomannane. Soluble fiber supplementation is used to relieve symptoms in people with chronic diverticulosis and to prevent acute diverticulitis. The combination of glucomannan and antibiotics could benefit these patients, according to the authors of a review published in 20061.

 Laneno sjeme. Commission E and ESCOP recognize the use of flax seeds to treat diverticulitis through a diet rich in soluble fiber.

Diverticulitis – Complementary approaches: understand everything in 2 min


Add 1 tsp. tablespoon (10 g) of crushed or coarsely ground seeds to a glass of water (150 ml minimum) and drink it all. Take two to three times a day.

Upozorenje. cijelo sjeme lana are not recommended for people with bowel diverticula because they can stick to the intestinal wall and cause inflammation.


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