Proširene pore: koja krema za sužavanje pora?


Proširene pore: koja krema za sužavanje pora?

Why do pores dilate?

What is the role of the pores of the skin?

The skin is an organ in its own right and in order to function, it needs to breathe. The pores allow it at the same time to oxygenate itself, to perspire and to let the sebum pass through the sebaceous glands. However, the pores sometimes dilate more.

More than the T zone, which concerns the lower forehead, nose and chin, the enlarged pores are located both on the T zone and in the extension of the cheeks.

In which cases the p? Ores dilate?

The appearance of the skin depends on each person, their lifestyle but also their hormone levels. So much so that men are more often affected, under the effect of male hormones, by enlarged pores. Their skin is, anyway, thicker than that of women and therefore more prone to dilation of the pores.

However, women also have larger pores during certain periods. During puberty, the level of male hormones increases and causes an overproduction of sebum and dilation of the pores. Which become blocked and then develop blackheads or pimples.

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Later, the pores of the skin may dilate periodically. This happens, for example, under the effect of a diet too rich in fat and sugar, during menstruation, during pregnancy or during menopause.

Which cream to use to tighten large pores?

More than using a simple cream, tightening your pores requires a new skincare routine that will purify them and rebalance the skin.

Care for enlarged pores: purify your skin first

Before applying a cream to tighten the pores, it is essential to cleanse your face with a mild purifying gel or soap. A cleansing brush for the face, very soft and developed for this purpose, will allow you an effective cleansing and make-up removal every evening.

Finish this facial cleansing by systematically applying a salicylic acid lotion or gel. This will have the effect of purifying the skin before the treatment and starting to tighten the pores. If we don’t have sensitive skin, you can add two drops of lemon essential oil to it, for its antiseptic and acidic effect that helps tighten the pores.

Creams that really tighten large pores

To tighten pores effectively and durably, choose quality creams that contain citric acid – AHA. This acid will have the rapid effect of reducing the appearance of the pores by its astringent qualities, completely harmless, provided of course you have oily or combination skin. The pores of the skin will then begin to close. Citric acid will also help the skin to get rid of dead cells, while speeding up cell renewal.

Use silicone creams sparingly to tighten pores

Creams that help tighten pores are called “pore minimizers”. But beware, there are many creams that, instead of doing this, cover the pores with a formulation very rich in silicone. While the immediate effect is still stunning and may be ideal for a day or evening, it won’t have a long-term effect. The pores will reappear dilated as soon as you remove make-up.

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In addition, the silicone will, over time, clog more and more the pores of the skin, for a counterproductive result. Therefore, it is better to turn to creams whose care will effectively tighten each pore, even if the effect is less immediate.

To avoid buying this type of product, it is important to read the composition on the packaging. Silicone is usually indicated there under the term dimethicone. It is not to be avoided systematically, but only if it is present in second or third position.

Enlarged pores are part of a global problem that is most often accompanied by oily or combination skin and pimples and blackheads. The creams and the different treatments to be applied must therefore be complementary and have the common objective of rebalancing the production of sebum.


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