Funkcionalni probavni poremećaji (dispepsija) - Mišljenje našeg liječnika

As part of its quality approach, Passeportsanté.net invites you to discover the opinion of a health professional. Dr Véronique Louvain, gastroenterologist, gives you his opinion on the dispepsija :

Functional disorders are very common, and “fuel” everyday language. “I can’t digest it” “I have it left on my stomach” “I can’t swallow it” “I’m having bile” “I unpacked” “he looks constipated”… C is How long our emotions can influence our digestive system, and vice versa. We are talking about a 2st brain… These disorders are therefore often of emotional origin, but it is fundamental before thinking of a dysfunction of emotional origin, to detect an organ lesion by carrying out adequate examinations with a gastroenterologist.

If there is no lesion of a disgestive organ (organic lesion), you will have to “ask the right questions”, readjust your lifestyle and diet.

Functional digestive disorders are really very common. Anyone Can Suffer From It

Functional digestive disorders (dyspepsia) – Our doctor’s opinion: understand everything in 2 min

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