Herpes labialis – Our doctor’s opinion


Herpes labialis – Our doctor’s opinion

Kao dio pristupa kvaliteti, Passeportsanté.net vas poziva da otkrijete mišljenje zdravstvenog radnika. Doktor Dominic Larose, ljekar hitne pomoći, daje vam svoje mišljenje oherpes usna :

The majority of affected people do not see a doctor. Those who consult me ​​for this reason are often people who have frequent reactivations. In these cases, it is good to follow the advice described in this sheet: discover the triggers, limit stress, strengthen your immune system.

Usually I prescribe a 24 hour antiviral treatment, which the person will obtain in advance. This is the only way she can act in time when the next cold sore attack occurs.

I also tell patients that time is on their side. In fact, as a general rule, the recurrences and the intensity of the symptoms tend to decrease over time.


Dr Dominic Larose, dr. Med

Herpes labialis – Our doctor’s opinion: understand everything in 2 min

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