Rogovi i njihovi simptomi


Rogovi i njihovi simptomi

Definition of horns

The cors su skin thickening observed at the level of support areas of the soles of the feet i convexities of the toes. The horns are due to repeated rubbing, causing thickening of the skin in response to chronic trauma.

Simptomi bolesti

Corns usually take different shapes according to theirlokacijas1 :

  • On podne, these are horny and thickened areas, located on the support zones. We then speak more readily of kalezi. They are sometimes centered on an area a few millimeters in diameter, harder than the callus and frequently painful, forming a kind of nail stuck in the center of the callus and called durillon.
  • Na prsti. Corns most often sit on the above toes. The interphalangeal joints which form natural convexities (which are accentuated in particular in the event of deformation of the toes) rub in the shoes, hence the appearance of corns in these places. They constitute rough, round thickenings of the skin. They are sometimes centered on a darker area, giving them a target appearance. Corns can also be found on the inner or outer sides of the toes (especially the last two). They are then called ” Partridge’s eyes “. They are caused by friction between two toes.

Ljudi u riziku

People at risk are those ima preko 30 godine, because the foot begins to deform from 20-25 years. At this age the skin becomes less flexible and therefore more sensitive to friction and chronic trauma.

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People wearing unsuitable shoes (high heels, safety shoes, etc.) or having deformed feet are the people most at risk.

Faktori rizika

The feet are subjected to many traumas because they carry the weight of the body. The factors favoring the appearance of corns su:

  • le wearing unsuitable shoes traumatic (safety shoes, pointed shoes) or unbalancing the foot (shoes with heels);
  • deformities of the feet (hammer toes, hallux valgus…).

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