Hypoglycemia – Complementary approaches


Hypoglycemia – Complementary approaches

Some naturopathic sources mention that various vitamin and mineral supplements help control the symptoms of low blood sugar. Zinc, magnesium, vitamins of group B and vitamin C are most often mentioned3-5 . Note that, according to our research on PubMed, no clinical studies has not evaluated their effectiveness in controlling hypoglycemia.

The American naturopath JE Pizzorno recommends, for his part, the daily intake of a multivitamin and mineral supplement.1. According to him, in some cases, reactive hypoglycemia can be associated with various health conditions, such as depression, PMS and migraine.1. In addition, in the book by 2 Quebec authors entitled Overcome hypoglycemia (whose content is supported by the Association des hypoglycémie du Québec), it is emphasized that people with hypoglycemia must first and foremost ensure that they have a balanced diet.

Hypoglycemia – Complementary approaches: understand everything in 2 min

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