Inguinal hernia – Our doctor’s opinion and references


Inguinal hernia – Our doctor’s opinion and references

Kao dio pristupa kvaliteti, Passeportsanté.net vas poziva da otkrijete mišljenje zdravstvenog radnika. Dr Jacques Allard, liječnik opće prakse, iznosi svoje mišljenje o ingvinalna kila :

Mišljenje našeg lekara


Inguinal hernia is a very common condition but one that must be taken seriously. In most cases, it can be treated manually, with the doctor applying pressure to push the peritoneum back into the abdomen. But the hernia does not go away on its own. If the pain persists or the hernia increases in size, surgery is indicated, which is the case for most patients.

This elective surgery is all the more necessary as the inguinal hernia can sometimes become complicated, strangle and become a surgical emergency. If you have a hernia and experience very severe pain, nausea and vomiting, do not hesitate to go to a hospital emergency room quickly.

Dr Jacques Allard   M.D.  FCMFC



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