Medical treatments and approaches to salmonellosis


Medical treatments and approaches to salmonellosis

Medicinski tretmani


Most people recover on their own after 4-7 days, on average. The usual treatment consists of a simple rehidratacija : drink lots of water, soups, broths, etc. If necessary, prepare a rehydration solution (see box below).

Medical treatments and approaches to salmonellosis: understand everything in 2 min

Rehidracijska rješenja

Recipe from the World Health Organization

  • Mix 1 liter of sterile water, 6 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp. of salt.

Drugi recept

  • Pomiješajte 360 ​​ml nezaslađenog soka od naranče sa 600 ml ohlađene prokuhane vode, plus 1/2 žličice. kuhinjske soli.

Način očuvanja. Rastvori se mogu čuvati 12 sati na sobnoj temperaturi i 24 sata u frižideru.

See a doctor if needed

When diarrhea or groznica is important, that the dehidracija settles or the person is weakened, a doctor should be consulted. A stool analysis test can detect the presence of salmonela and also to know the precise strain of bacteria (there are several types of salmonella). Sometimes it is necessary to be hospitalized and rehydrated intravenously.

Savjeti za hranjenje

Uzeti obrok lighter but more frequent, avoiding excess fat, dietary fiber and spices. Also avoid drinking alcohol, which dehydrates.

As long as the discomfort persists, it is better to avoid consuming the following foods, which worsen the symptoms. grčevi i dijareja.

  • Dairy foods;
  • Sokovi od citrusa;
  • Meso;
  • Pikantna jela;
  • The sweets;
  • Hrana bogata mastima (uključujući prženu hranu);
  • Namirnice koje sadrže pšenično brašno (kruh, tjestenina, pizza itd.);
  • Kukuruz i mekinje, bogati vlaknima;
  • Fruits, with the exception of bananas, which would be rather beneficial, even in young children from 5 months to 12 months;
  • Sirovo povrće.
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jednom Mučnina missing, we are reintroducing postepeno a solid diet by focusing on certain foods that are easier to digest. Starches like white rice, unsweetened cereals, white bread and crackers are usually well tolerated. Stop eating if the discomfort returns. Then gradually add fruits and vegetables (potatoes, cucumbers, squash), yogurt then protein foods (lean meat, fish, eggs, cheese, etc.).

farmaceutske proizvode


prednosti antibiotici are given if the infection crosses the intestinal barrier and enters the bloodstream (a bakteremija). This is the case for about 8% of salmonella infections. Children are treated with ceftriaxone or azithromycin and adults with levofloxacin or azithromycin. Treatment normally lasts 5-7 days. Its duration is prolonged for people with weakened immune systems. Some strains of salmonella have developed resistance to antibiotics. It therefore happens that a second treatment is required.

Upozorenje. Medicines for diarrhea, such as loperamide (Imodium®) and bismuth salicylate (Pepto-Bismol®), are not recommended because they prolong the duration of the infection.7.

Komplementarni pristupi 

According to our research (September 2010), there are no complementary approaches supported by sufficiently convincing studies for the treatment of salmoneloza.


The probiotici are useful in relieving infectious diarrhea (rotavirus, E. coli, tourista) in addition to the rehidratacija, according to several studies. On the other hand, the researchers did not evaluate their effect on salmonellosis in particular. For more information, see our Probiotics sheet.

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