Medicinski tretmani i komplementarni pristupi toksoplazmozi (toksoplazma)


Medicinski tretmani i komplementarni pristupi toksoplazmozi (toksoplazma)

Medicinski tretmani

Most people infected with the toxoplasmosis parasite do not need treatment and will recover on their own.

In people who have symptoms or in pregnant women whose fetuses are infected and whose pregnancy is later than the first trimester, toxoplasmosis is treated with a combination of two antiparasitic drugs: pirimetamin (Malocide®), a medicine also used to treat malaria) and sulfadiazin (Adiazine®), an antibiotic. Since pyrimethamine is a folic acid antagonist, folic acid is also prescribed to counter the harmful effects of the drug, especially if taken for a long time.

prednosti kortikosteroidi (such as prednisone) are used for ocular toxoplasmosis. Vision problems can still reappear. Constant vigilance should be observed to detect any recurrence early and prevent the slow deterioration of vision.

Pregnant women who have contracted the disease but whose fetus is not infected can use the spiramicin (Rovamycin®), another antibiotic.

Komplementarni pristupi

Isatis. A try in vitro indicates that derivatives of tryptanthrin, one of the compounds present in isatis, could fight the parasite that causes toxoplasmosis2. However, further studies must be carried out before recommending any treatment.

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