Medicinski tretmani za hipoglikemiju


Medicinski tretmani za hipoglikemiju

If you have symptoms of hypoglycaemia, it may be helpful to see a doctor for a provjera.

The hipoglikemije caused by other diseases are usually resolved by treating the causes: by removing the tumor in case of insulinoma (pancreatic tumor), by changing the medication, etc.

Medical treatments for hypoglycemia: understand everything in 2 min

The majority of hypoglycaemia is cured by reorganizing the diet. Consulting a nutritionist can be helpful.

Food: the basis of treatment

The goal is to stabilize blood sugar. This prevents sudden drops in energy. Evo nekoliko preporuka:

  • Uzeti 3 obroci per day at sati redovan.
  • Uzmite kolacija između obroka.
  • Limit the consumption of foods rich in Šećeri concentrates or “fast”: store-bought cakes and cookies, ice cream, jams, dried fruit (alone), etc.
  • Eat enough dijetalna vlakna (from 25 g to 38 g per day).
  • Izbegavajte pićealkohol with an empty stomach. A glass of alcohol with food is usually well tolerated.
  • Ograničite kafa and other drinks that contain caffeine because they lower blood sugar.

For detailed advice, see Special Diet: Hypoglycemia by nutritionist Hélène Baribeau.

What to do in the event of a hypoglycemic attack

  • Ako imate pseudo-hypoglycemia : sit down, then eat a source of šećer, na primjer a voće, komad bol ili muffin Kuća.
  • In case of hypoglycemia istinski, which meets the 3 criteria stated at the beginning of the sheet: sit down, then eat a source of concentrated sugar, na primjer a sok ili bombone.
  • In any case, it is good to take a protein snack about twenty minutes later, like a piece of cheese or a few nuts.
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