Noćna krema: kako je odabrati?


Noćna krema: kako je odabrati?

It’s a fact: the skin does not behave the same day and night. Indeed, while the day, its main function is to project itself against external aggressions – like pollution and UV rays – at night, it regenerates in peace. Therefore, this is the best time to provide care. Slow sebum production, activation of cell regeneration and microcirculation, tissue strengthening… During sleep, the skin is particularly receptive and able to fully appreciate the active ingredients of cosmetics applied before bedtime. This is the reason why there are treatments loaded with repairing agents specially designed to be used at night: they are night creams.

From what age to use a night cream?

Unlike the day cream, firmly part of our daily beauty routine, the night cream is very often neglected. However, it is particularly effective and brings real added value to the skin. And regarding the question of age, know that with the night cream, the earlier the better.

In fact, there aren’t really any rules for starting to apply a night cream at bedtime, just bet on a formulation adapted to the needs of each age group. In adolescence, the use of a night cream designed for skin prone to blemishes is welcome; on entering adulthood, this treatment helps to keep a fresh complexion in all circumstances; a few years later, the moisturizing and nourishing properties of this type of cosmetic help delay the appearance of the first signs of aging; on mature skin, the night cream is really essential. It fights against loss of radiance and sagging skin, smoothes wrinkles and targets dark spots … But be careful, age should not be the only criterion for selecting your night cream.

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Which night cream for which needs?

Beyond age, the night cream should also be chosen according to the nature and specific needs of the skin.

If your problem is that your face tends to glow, it certainly means that your skin is combination (if this phenomenon is concentrated in the T zone) or oily (if it is globalized). In this case, you will need a night cream with purifying and rebalancing virtues, in particular if you have noticeable imperfections (pimples, blackheads, dilated pores, etc.).

If, on the contrary, your skin is more of the tight-fitting type, then it is probably of a dry or dehydrated nature (transient state): you will then have to turn to a night cream capable of countering this by hydrating it in depth.

Is your skin particularly reactive to aggressions? It can therefore be described as sensitive and the night cream is the care it needs. Choose it hypoallergenic and comforting at will. Whether the first signs of aging are starting to appear on your face or are already well established, your skin can be considered mature? In this case, an anti-aging and ultra-hydrating formula will make you happy. You would have understood it : for every need, its ideal night cream !

Night cream: how to apply it correctly?

To benefit as it should from all the benefits provided by your night cream, it is still necessary to apply it well. To do this, you just need to proceed on a perfectly cleansed and cleansed skin (in other words, free of all the impurities accumulated during the day). This treatment cannot be as effective with clogged pores. If your evening beauty routine revolves around the use of several treatments (like a serum and an eye contour), know that the night cream is applied as the last step.

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Now it’s time for the application: nothing better than to distribute it using circular and upward movements. Thus, the blood circulation is stimulated and the penetration of the optimal formula. Be careful, we do not forget the neck which also needs its dose of hydration and care.

Good to know: although it is quite possible to apply a day cream at bedtime in order to benefit from its moisturizing properties, using a night cream during the day is rather not recommended. Indeed, as the latter wants to be much richer than the average, it is far from embodying the ideal makeup base. And even if you don’t put on makeup, the thicker layer it forms on your skin may not be right for you in terms of how you feel.

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