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Noma - Interesantna mjesta i statistika


Da saznate više o rent, Passeportsanté.net offers a selection of associations and government sites dealing with the subject of noma. You will be able to find there Dodatne informacije i kontakt zajednice ili grupe za podršku omogućava vam da saznate više o bolesti.


Svjetska zdravstvena organizacija

Files on health topics, data and statistics.

Stop renting

Projects of the association, mobilization and information on the disease.

International Or Federation

Site informing about the news of the federation and its actions.



Noma disappeared from Western countries at the beginning of the 20st century, in particular thanks to the generalization of antibiotics, but it remains a scourge in the poorest countries, in particular in sub-Saharan Africa.

However, it is difficult to estimate its prevalence because many patients are never examined or treated.


In 1998, the WHO estimated that nearly 140 cases of noma occurred each year, with the death rate reaching 000%.2. About 770 people are believed to be living with the effects of noma.

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