Prevencija mišićno -koštanih poremećaja ramena (tendonitis)

Osnovne preventivne mjere

Opće preporuke

  • Before engaging in an activity that puts a lot of strain on the shoulder, plan vježbe zagrijavanja to increase general body temperature. For example, hopping, brisk walking, etc.
  • Uzmi malo breaks često.

Prevention in the workplace

  • Pozovite usluge a ergonome ili radnog terapeuta za provedbu programa prevencije. U Quebecu stručnjaci iz Komisije de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CSST) mogu voditi zaposlenike i poslodavce u ovom procesu (vidi Zanimljiva mjesta).
  • Vary the pozicije work and take breaks.

Prevencija kod sportista

  • Pozovite usluge a trener (kinesiologist or physical educator) who knows the sports discipline that we practice in order to learn the appropriate and safe techniques. For tennis players, for example, it might be sufficient to use a lighter racket or to modify the technique of play.
  • An athlete who wants to increase the intensity of his training should do so in a way progresivan.
  • To decrease the risk of tendinopathy, it may be necessary to da pojačaju the muscles of the shoulder (including the muscles of the rotator cuff, especially the external rotators), which has the effect of reducing stress on ligaments, the joint capsule and bone structures.
  • Develop and maintain a good Muscular force udarac, u noge i ruka. These muscles are essential for building strength in an arm raised above the head. A good musculature of the whole body will reduce the stress on the shoulder.
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Prevention of musculoskeletal disorders of the shoulder (tendonitis): understand everything in 2 min

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