Poremećaji samopoštovanja: komplementarni pristupi


Poremećaji samopoštovanja: komplementarni pristupi


Physical exercise, art therapy, Feldenkreis method, yoga


Fizička vežba. A study looked at the link that there may be between the practice of a sport (aerobic, weight training) and self-esteem in children aged 3 to 19 years. The results show that regular sports practice for a few months would promote the development of self-esteem in these children.5.

Art terapija. Art therapy is therapy that uses art as a medium to bring the person to knowledge and interact with their psychic life. A study of womens with breast cancer has shown that using art therapy can improve their coping skills and improve self-esteem6.

Feldenkreis. The Fedenkreis method is a bodily approach which aims to increase the ease, efficiency and pleasure of the body and of movement through the development of body awareness. It is akin to gentle gymnastics. A study carried out on people suffering from a chronic disease showed that its use improved, among other things, the self-esteem of people who lent themselves to the supervised use of this method. 7

joga. The effectiveness of Yoga in overcoming anxiety and depression has been studied. The results of a study carried out in a group of patients show that in addition to reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, yoga would have improved the self-esteem of the participants8.

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