Simptomi herpesa


Simptomi herpesa

Simptomi herpesa

First cold sore attack

  • Most of the time (90% of cases): nema simptoma;
  • If there are symptoms, these are often pronounced, especially in the young child. usne i sve to lining of the mouth can be reached, to the point where the child may have otežano gutanje. We are talking about acute gingivostomia. Često a visoka temperatura is present. Spontaneous healing of lesions may take up to 14 dana.


Symptoms of cold sores: understand everything in 2 min

The recurrences correspond to the virus reactivation, which causes the appearance of a herpes pimple on the lip.

  • Recurrences are often preceded by the following symptoms: a tingling, itching, burning, swelling, or numbness on the edges of the lips. a opšta nelagoda (fatigue, fever) may occur;
  • From a few hours to 1 day later, a set of small crvene vezikule and painful appear. Filled with liquid, they eventually burst, then they form a crust.



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