Liječenje kruralgije

Liječenje kruralgije

In the event of cruralgia related to a herniated disc, the treatment initially includes resting, analgesics, anti-inflammatory drugs administered in sufficient dose and long enough, sometimes associated with muscle relaxants. Medical treatment usually lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Many failures and recurrences are in this respect due to a therapeutic insufficiency.

Sometimes one or more topical corticosteroid injections (epidural infiltrations) are needed to calm the pain and inflammation. The analgesic treatment must also be adapted to the level of pain, with, if necessary, morphine derivatives.

In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

Once the acute crisis has passed, physiotherapy is also very useful, in particular by learning the appropriate movements of the back, by weight training exercises (abdominals, spines and quadriceps). In overweight subjects, weight loss can reduce the stresses weighing on the vertebrae. In some cases of trailing or recurrent cruralgia, the pain may suggest nerve pain causing so-called neuropathic pain which then requires specific treatment not using the usual analgesics, but other drugs such as anti- epileptics and / or low-dose antidepressants also having the property of reducing this type of pain.

Anyway, the regular practice of a sporting activity, the maintenance of a correct musculature, the management of the movements, are strongly advised with the waning of a cruralgia, like a sciatica, in order to avoid recurrences.

Finally, some herniated discs, the origin in particular of cruralgia, can be of occupational origin, in particular in connection with the carrying of heavy loads or exposure to vibrations, or prolonged sitting. It is then the occupational physician that it is important to contact for possible professional care.

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