Vestibular neuronitis (labyrinthitis) – Complementary approaches


Vestibular neuronitis (labyrinthitis) – Complementary approaches


Ginger, ginkgo biloba

Kineska farmakopeja


 đumbir (Zingiber officinale) i Ginkgo biloba. The World Health Organization and Commission E recognize the effectiveness of extracts of ginkgo leaves and ginger rhizome in the treatment of dizziness. However, no clinical trial has evaluated the effectiveness of these plants in relieving dizziness caused by vestibular neuronitis.



Consult our Ginger and Ginkgo sheets.

 Kineska farmakopeja. Chinese preparation Er Chan Wan is used in case of dizziness, nausea and vomiting. This preparation serves as the basis for treating all the health problems associated with increased body fluids, moisture and phlegm build-up in the body.

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