Šta je agorafobija?

Šta je agorafobija?

Agoraphobia is the fear of being outside your home, in a public place.

In ancient Greece, the agora was the javno mjesto where the people of the city would meet and discuss. The word phobia indicates fears to him,

A person who suffers from agoraphobia may have difficulty crossing a bridge or staying in a gužva. Spending time in a closed place like the subway or other public transport, a hospital or a cinema, can cause her fears and anxieties. Ditto for the plane or the shopping center. Waiting in a line or standing in line at a store can be difficult for someone with this condition. Not being at home can ultimately be a source of anguish for agoraphobes.

Agoraphobia is often associated with a panični poremećaj, that is, an anxiety disorder that appears suddenly and triggers strong symptoms (tachycardia, sweating, dizziness, etc.). The person becomes extremely distressed. The anxiety stems from the fact that she is afraid of being locked up, of not being able to easily leave an enclosed or crowded place. Sometimes, after a panic disorder, the person can no longer go to the place of the previous attack.

Agoraphobia can izolovati people who suffer from it, some no longer leaving their homes, especially for fear of having a crisis. This psychiatric illness is one of the neuroze. It can appear at any age and can be cured, although the treatment (based on psychotherapy and medication) is often long.

Usually a person becomes agoraphobic after having one or more krize of panic in a given place. Fearing to suffer again, in a similar situation, from a new anxiety attack, she can no longer go out and confront herself in a closed place. She avoids the place so as not to suffer from a new panic disorder, which may ultimately prevent her from leaving her home.

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rasprostranjenost. More than two in 100 people would be affected by agoraphobia.

uzroci. A life event or panic disorder can be the cause of the onset of agoraphobia.


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