Ko su ljudi pogođeni gljivičnom infekcijom?

Ko su ljudi pogođeni gljivičnom infekcijom?

The frequency of yeast infection has steadily increased over the past decades. It must be said that these are favored by taking antibiotics, corticosteroid treatments or immunosuppressants (given for example in the event of a transplant or certain cancers), and they are frequently found in people suffering from an immune deficiency ( especially in those infected with HIV or suffering from AIDS).

However, few studies exist to establish the prevalence of fungal infections in the general population.

In France, however, we know that so-called invasive fungal infections (serious, by definition) affect on average 3 people admitted to hospital each year and that at least a third of them die.4.

Thus, according to the Weekly Epidemiological Bulletin of April 20134, “The overall 30-day mortality of patients with candidaemia is still 41% and, in invasive aspergillosis, the 3-month mortality remains above 45%. “

It should be noted that the diagnosis of invasive fungal infections remains difficult, due to a lack of effective and reliable diagnostic tests.

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