Definition of abdominal scanner


Definition of abdominal scanner

Le abdominal scanner je tehnikalik for diagnostic purposes which consists in “sweeping” the abdominal region to create sectional images. These are much more informative than those of conventional x-rays, and allow visualization of the organs of the abdominal area: the liver, the small intestine, the stomach, the pancreas, the colon, the spleen, the kidneys, etc.

The technique uses X-zraci which are absorbed differently depending on the density of the tissues, and a computer which analyzes the data and produces point-by-point cross-sectional images of the anatomical structures of the abdomen. Images are displayed in grayscale on a video screen.

Note that the term “scanner” is actually the name of the medical device, but it is commonly used to name the examination. We also talk about računarska tomografija ili od scanographie.


Why perform an abdominal scan?

The doctor prescribes an abdominal scan to detect a lesion on an organ or tissue in the abdominal area or to know its extent. The examination can for example be carried out to find:

  • uzrok a bol u stomaku or swelling
  • a hernija
  • uzrok a persistent fever
  • prisustvo ti umireš
  • od bubrežni kamen (uroscanner)
  • ili na appendicitis.


The patient lies on his back with his arms behind his head, and is placed on a table capable of sliding through a ring-shaped device. This contains an x-ray tube that rotates around the patient.

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Pacijent bi trebao biti miran tijekom pregleda i možda će čak morati zadržati dah nakratko, jer pokret uzrokuje zamućene slike. Medicinsko osoblje, postavljeno iza zaštitnog stakla od rendgenskih zraka, prati napredak pregleda na ekranu računara i može komunicirati s pacijentom putem mikrofona.

The examination may require the prior injection of a contrast medium opaque to X-rays (based on iodine), in order to improve the legibility of the images. It can be injected intravenously before the exam or orally, especially for an abdominal CT scan.


What results can we expect from an abdominal CT scan?

Thanks to the thin sections obtained by the examination, the doctor can identify different ailments, such as:

  • određeni karcinomi : cancer of the pancreas, kidney, liver or colon
  • problems with the gallbladder, liver or pancreas: alcoholic liver disease, pancreatitis or cholelithiasis (gallstones)
  • od problemi sa bubrezima : kidney stones, obstructive uropathy (pathology characterized by a reversal of the direction of urine flow) or swelling of a kidney
  • un apsces, appendicitis, a condition of the intestinal wall, etc.

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