Kako napraviti masku od aloe vere za lice?


Kako napraviti masku od aloe vere za lice?

Aloe vera is renowned for its benefits both internally and externally. Aloe vera gel has excellent moisturizing and anti-inflammatory effects. It thus helps to treat acne, eczema and reduce wrinkles. In order to enjoy all its qualities intensely, the aloe vera mask is an easy option to put into practice. How to use it ? What are its effects ? Can aloe vera gel replace a cream?

Origin and benefits of aloe vera

Aloe, a very interesting plant

Originally from the Middle East without this being clearly established, aloe is a plant that was then exported all over the world. From the succulent family, it has the characteristics of a tropical plant.

Everything in its fleshy leaves can be used. But beware, only the inside of its leaves, from which a viscous gel comes out, is useful and tolerated by the skin. It also produces a yellow sap located in its grooves, latex, used for its laxative effects but which is irritating to the skin.

Figurehead of natural cosmetics

Aloe vera gel has, for its part, made a sensational entry into the beauty departments in recent years. Worn by bloggers and other influencers advocating a return to nature, it has become a benchmark in the field. They praise not only its effects but also its ease of use, and its versatility that is suitable for all skin types.

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It is therefore used mainly for its benefits on the epidermis: to soothe eczema, to treat acne or to reduce wrinkles. It is also useful on the hair, as a treatment or as a 100% natural styling gel.

The effects of aloe vera on the skin

A concentrate of vitamins and amino acids

Aloe vera gel brings together a wealth of benefits at the heart of its composition. Very large numbers of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12, C, E), minerals, enzymes, essential amino acids. In other words, aloe vera is a real concentrate of active ingredients that nourish, hydrate, purify, heal and soothe the skin.

  • It is thus very effective to treat acne pimples, as well as the resulting scars.
  • Thanks to its vitamins and its tightening effect, it has a real anti-age efekt both immediate and over time.
  • In massage on the affected areas, it soothes attacks of eczema, hives and psoriasis.

How to use aloe vera on the face?

Pure aloe vera gel is used as is and penetrates easily into the skin. You can therefore use it as a moisturizer, and therefore instead of your usual day or night cream.

If you need a richer treatment, aloe vera gel can be used under your cream. It will thus have the role of a serum, both purifying and tightening.

To benefit from the benefits of the plant in an intense way, you can make an aloe vera mask, once or twice a week. Or only when your skin needs it.

Aloe vera mask

Refreshing and hydrating mask

For a very hydrating mask, mix the equivalent of 5 inches of mixed cucumber and two tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Leave on for at least 20 minutes.

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The before / after effect of suddenly plump skin is real. Your skin, well hydrated, will also regain all its softness.

Radiance and anti-aging mask

For a before / after effect that will earn you compliments, opt for a radiant complexion mask. Mix 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 4 drops of lemon essential oil. Leave on for 10 minutes. The tightening effect of aloe vera goes wonderfully with lemon, which brightens the complexion and helps correct dark spots.

Where to buy aloe vera?

Kozmetička hrana

Aloe vera is now widely used in cosmetic foods. Some contain little, others use it as a base. For pure aloe vera, opt for native organic gels. These have been extracted without any processing, which guarantees the real effect of the substance on the skin. They can nevertheless then be supplemented with other natural ingredients to ensure the product’s hold and facilitate its application.



In some organic food stores and even in supermarkets, you can also find aloe stems. It is then possible to extract the gel yourself. This method takes a little time, but is more economical than most commercial foods. Although some, of very good quality, are offered at a very affordable price.

Just cut the stems into sections then peel the pieces all around the gel. You will be left with small patches of viscous gel. Mix them to obtain a homogeneous paste. Then filter this preparation and collect the gel in an airtight jar. This process has a drawback, however, the product can only be kept for a few days in the refrigerator.

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