Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Our Doctor’s Opinion


Sindrom iritabilnog crijeva - mišljenje našeg ljekara

Kao dio pristupa kvaliteti, Passeportsanté.net vas poziva da otkrijete mišljenje zdravstvenog radnika. Dr Jacques Allard, liječnik opće prakse, iznosi svoje mišljenje o sindrom iritabilnog creva :

Irritable bowel syndrome is a very common problem. The discomforts (stomach aches, constipation, diarrhea) are caused by poor functioning and hypersensitivity of the colon. If you suffer from these ailments, they are functional in origin and are not secondary to organic damage. The medical investigation will therefore be negative and all tests will be normal.

However, your discomforts are very real and can be very annoying. I recommend that you first pay attention to your diet, find out what could be causing your problems and change your consumption habits. Also, see if anxiety and stress could make your symptoms worse. If so, get help from a psychologist and / or support group.

Finally, be aware that this syndrome is not dangerous, that it does not lead to other diseases, that the discomfort experienced fluctuates and can leave periods of respite.


Dr Jacques Allard MD FCMFC


Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Our Doctor’s Opinion: Understand Everything in 2 Min

Medicinski pregled (april 2013): Dr Allard MD FCMFC


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