Prevencija rozacee

Prevencija rozacee

Can we prevent rosacea?

As the causes of rosacea remain unknown, it is impossible to prevent its occurrence.

Measures to prevent symptoms from worsening and reduce their intensity

The first step is to find out what makes the symptoms worse and then learn how to better manage or avoid these triggers. Keeping a symptom diary can be very helpful.

The following measures can often reduce the intensity of symptoms:

  • avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. If you do, always apply a good sun protection SPF 30 or more, against UVA and UVB rays, and this, summer and winter;
  • avoid consuming drinks and foods that contribute to the dilation of blood vessels: coffee, alcohol, hot drinks, spicy foods and any other product that causes redness;
  • avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and strong winds. Protect your face well from the cold and wind during the winter. Also avoid rapid temperature changes;
  • learn to relax to better manage stress and strong emotions;
  • avoid saunas and prolonged hot baths;
  • Unless medical advice is given, avoid applying corticosteroid-based creams to the face.

Njega lica

  • Use lukewarm water at body temperature and a mild, unscented soap;
  • Many skin care foods contain ingredients that can make rosacea worse (acids, alcohol, etc.). Check with your pharmacist, doctor or dermatologist to find out which ones are suitable for rosacea;
  • Regularly apply a moisturizer on the face, so as to reduce the burning sensation and dryness of the skin3. Check with your pharmacist, doctor or dermatologist to obtain a cream suitable for skin affected by rosacea. Lotions containing 0,1% kinetin (N6-furfuryladenine) appear to be effective in moisturizing the skin and reducing symptoms4 ;
  • Avoid greasy cosmetics and foundations, which can make inflammation worse.
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