Odabir vašeg psa: naš savjet za pravi izbor


Odabir vašeg psa: naš savjet za pravi izbor

Before adopting, it is advisable to choose the dog. Many parameters are taken into account: the breed of the dog, its origin, its character… It is not easy to disentangle the important information for the good of the dog from prejudices and other selling points. Here are some tips to guide you in your choice.

What breed of dog?

The first question to ask is the breed of dog you want to adopt. Obviously, it is not a question here of pedigree but of type of dog, purebred or not: its size, its character, etc. Indeed, some dogs lend themselves more to a peaceful family life (Cavaliers King Charles, Golden Retrievers, etc.) while others will require significant and regular physical activity (Boxer, Belgian Shepherds, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Bull Terriers, etc). 

If you are also planning to invest in dog sports (agility, cani-cross, cani-mountain biking, obedience, etc.), it is interesting to learn about the potential of different dogs. For example, adopting a very independent dog (like the Chow-Chow or the Eurasier) is not necessarily the best option to hope to excel in agility. On the contrary, if your dog is likely to have to endure long hours of solitude, it is better to avoid very dynamic breeds very close to their owners such as Australian Shepherds.


Besides the behavior, the physique of each type of dog is also to be taken into account. The size of the dog effectively determines not only the ease of movement, the space that must be reserved for him at home but also the budget that must be allocated to him.

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The budget

The cost of food but also of medicines (even very classic ones such as antibiotics) varies enormously between a dog of 5 kg and a Leonberger of 70 kg. In addition, beyond the size variations, each dog’s coat is different and requires variable maintenance. We often hear that short hairs are less annoying indoors. Visually, they do not form very visible clusters on the ground, for example. However, short-haired dogs (Jack Russel, Labradors, Bulldogs, etc.) shed much more hair than long-haired dogs because the coat cycle is much shorter.

Finally, knowing the majority dog ​​breed (s) can sometimes anticipate certain health problems. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot on your dog’s veterinary care, it is better to avoid very fragile breeds like the French Bulldog, for example, which is predisposed to many diseases. In order to better understand the breed, it is therefore advisable to get information, online or from veterinarians or experienced breeders.

What origin of purchase, of adoption?

The origin of the dog is a crucial criterion to consider. Several options are available to you, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Shelters / associations;
  • Professional breeding;
  • Individual;
  • Pet Shop.

Shelters and / or associations

Adopting a dog in a shelter gives a second chance to an abandoned animal, which runs the risk of spending its life in a box. You can generally find all types of dogs, and of all ages, as long as you are patient and wait to find the rare pearl. Adopting an animal from a shelter cannot be an impulsive act and associations are often demanding to avoid a thoughtless purchase. Some dogs have a difficult past which may have left more or less significant consequences. The dog’s medical history is not always known. However, the benefits of a rescue are numerous, both for the dog and for you. The price is very low compared to farms or animal shops, and only allows to maintain the refuge and its residents. Legal obligations are respected (identification, veterinary certificate, transfer order) and the animals are vaccinated and sterilized. Finally, you can, most often, spend time with the dog before the adoption to discover it during a walk or a play session.

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Professional breeding

Professional breeding offers the opportunity to adopt purebred dogs, if that is your wish. You can discuss the particularities of the breed with the breeder, observe and interact with the parents. Professional breeders are generally aware of legal obligations and health recommendations (deworming, maternal vaccinations, etc.). Depending on the breed, certain genetic tests are also required or recommended. However, the cost of adoption is higher and the quality of breeding is sometimes variable. Be careful, in particular, of farms offering a large number of dog breeds for adoption. There is real animal trafficking in Europe and some dealers offer illegally imported puppies under the guise of breeding.

Adoption from an individual

Adopting a puppy from an individual can be an excellent opportunity to adopt a balanced puppy, accustomed to family life from an early age, socialized and having met various individuals, humans and animals (cats, dogs, etc.). The cost is very variable for this type of adoption. The only downside is the lack of skills sometimes noted among amateur breeders. It is advisable to find out about the health protocol established (anti-parasitic treatments for the mother and the puppies, vaccinations for the mother and the puppies, food, etc.). Likewise, certain procedures are legally obligatory and a dog sold or transferred free of charge must be identified and accompanied by a veterinary certificate and a transfer order. In case of questions, it is advisable to check with a veterinarian.

Buying a dog from a pet store

Finally, the last option is to buy a dog from a pet store. In this case, the purchase is quick and in accordance with the legislation. However, puppies that have grown up in a pet store are not always properly socialized and this can lead to behavioral problems in adulthood. Puppies are also sometimes imported from intensive foreign farms where the selection and living conditions are not always optimal.

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Is this the right dog?

If you have opted for an adult dog, education is generally easier, except for dogs that have experienced very difficult living conditions. Their behavior is already fixed, so you can know the dog’s personality before you adopt it.

For puppies, on the other hand, the behavior is still plastic and its adult character is not yet determined. However, some clues are already visible if you observe it evolving in its environment. Some dogs have a more reserved or even fearful nature when other puppies already have an assertive, brawling or very curious character. It’s up to you to make an informed choice, according to your preferences and your dog’s future living environment.


In conclusion, choosing a life companion who will accompany you over the next ten years or so is not a trivial act. It is advisable to think about your expectations, to learn about the dog, his character, his health and his needs. Finally, it should be kept in mind that no dog is perfect, just like no master is either. In case of difficulties, there are many animal health professionals ready to help you to live the best life with your dog (veterinarians, behaviorists, educators, etc.).

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