Kako liječiti ptičji grip?

Kako liječiti ptičji grip?

There are antiviral drugs effective against avian influenza viruses:

- The Tamiflu® (oséltamivir)

– Le Relanza® (zanamivir)

These drugs can only be effective if they are taken very early, as a preventive measure, upon exposure to the virus, or at the latest within 48 hours of the first signs of illness. They would then be likely to reduce the duration and severity of the disease. Later, they are ineffective.

They can be combined with symptomatic drugs, that is to say, treating the symptoms without treating the cause of the disease, for example paracetamol protiv groznica.

Antibiotics show no action against disease caused by viruses.

In the event of avian influenza which would present an inter-human transmission, precautions would have to be taken :

– Place a surgical mask on the face of the affected person (to prevent transmission of the virus)

– The sick person must wash their hands regularly and systematically before touching someone else.

For the doctor examining him, he must wash his hands beforehand with a hydroalcoholic solution, wear gloves, protective glasses and a surgical mask.

To destroy viruses present on objects in contact with the sick person one can use in particular:

– 70% alcohol,

– 0,1% bleach (sodium hypochlorite).



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