Sites of interest regarding acne


Sites of interest regarding acne

Da saznate više oakne, Passeportsanté.net offers a selection of associations and government sites dealing with the subject of acne. You will be able to find there Dodatne informacije i kontakt zajednice ili grupe za podršku omogućava vam da saznate više o bolesti.

Francuska, information site on skin, hair and beauty by a dermatologist.

Više informacija o l 'akne


Health Canada

Description of the disease and information on the side effects of the treatments.

Kanadski centar za zdravlje i sigurnost na radu

Information on acne caused by occupational exposure to chemicals.

Sjedinjene Države

AcneNet (Engleski)

American Academy of Dermatology site for people living with acne. There is a wealth of information and advice there.


M (Engleski)

Educational audiovisual document providing detailed and illustrated information on acne. Produced by The Patient Education Institute, Inc.





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