Vestibular neuronitis (labyrinthitis) – Our doctor’s opinion

Vestibularni neuronitis (labirintitis) - Mišljenje našeg ljekara

Kao dio pristupa kvaliteti, Passeportsanté.net vas poziva da otkrijete mišljenje zdravstvenog radnika. Dr Dominique Dorion, otolaringolog, iznosi svoje mišljenje ovestibular neuronitis :

When a patient has an acute attack of vertigo, they are often immediately diagnosed with vestibular neuronitis, often mistakenly called labyrinthitis.

There is a great variation in the intensity of the symptoms. The true neuronitis is signed by a persistence of acute dizziness for several days. In many cases, the original diagnosis may change. Indeed, it happens that we realize later that it is rather the disease of Ménière or the benign positional vertigo.

During the first days, the treatment aims to eliminate these dizziness. But quickly, attention must shift to re-educating the brain. This can only be done through exercises and by resuming normal activities in a safe environment.

The most disastrous scenario is when an older person waits in bed for the return to form… Then there is added fear, muscle weakness and loss of autonomy. If you need help, do not hesitate to ask for support from your loved ones or from the local community service center (CLSC) in your neighborhood.


Dr Dominique Dorion, otolaringolog


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